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KetoChlor Medicated Shampoo for Dogs, Cats and Horses is a medicated antiseborrheic shampoo for the management of skin conditions responsive to ketoconazole or chlorhexidine. Provides antiseptic, antifungal and cleansing properties. Ketochlor Shampoo reduces the adhesion of bacteria and yeast to the skin, which may reduce skin irritation. KetoChlor Shampoo may be used on dogs, cats and horses. Chlorhexidine gluconate and ketoconazole.




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Treat your pets bacterial or fungal skin infection safely and easily with KetoChlor Shampoo. 

What is KetoChlor Shampoo?KetoChlor is a medicated shampoo that is used to manage skin conditions that respond to ketoconazole and chlorhexidine. 

What are the benefits of KetoChlor Shampoo?
  • Safe and effective.
  • Lathers well and rinses easily.
  • Helps treat fungal and bacterial conditions of the skin.

Formulated for:dogs,cats,and horses. 

How is this medication given?This is a topical shampoo that is applied to the skin in order to target fungal and bacterial infections of the skin plus other susceptible skin conditions. 

Shake well before use. While bathing your pet, lather shampoo on wet hair and skin. Allow shampoo to remain on the pet for at least 5-10 minutes each time the shampoo is applied. Rinse your pet thoroughly with clean water after shampooing. 

For external use only. Do not ingest. Avoid contact with the eyes or mucus membranes. Always wash hands after using KetoChlor. 

Follow your veterinarians prescribed instructions regarding the use of this shampoo. Contact your veterinarian if you are unsure of how to use KetoChlor correctly. 

How does this medication work?Chlorhexidine Gluconate and ketoconazole are the active ingredients in KetoChlor. These two ingredients fight bacterial and fungal infections (ex. yeast) on the skin antifungal. Spherulite technology also assist in reducing the numbers of bacteria and fungi (namely yeast) on the skin. 

What results can I expect? Regular use several times a week for several weeks is often necessary in order to see results so be patient. Other oral medications may be needed in addition to KetoChlor based on your veterinarians recommendations. 

What form(s) does KetoChlor come in? This is a liquid shampoo. 

Generic Name:Ketoconazole, Chlorhexidine (Common Drug Name) 

Common Brand Name:KetoChlor

Dose and Administration:Shake well before use. Wet your pets hair coat and skin and apply enough shampoo to establish a generous lather. A contact time of at least 5 minutes is necessary for results. 

Always follow your veterinarians exact instructions regarding the use of KetoChlor. Contact your veterinarian if you are unsure of how to use KetoChlor Shampoo. 

Only use KetoChlor on the pet who it has been prescribed for. 

Uses:KetoChlor is used to treat fungal(especially yeast) and bacterial infections on the skin. 

Possible Side Effects: KetoChlor is very safe and side effects are unusual when KetoChlor is used as prescribed. Itching and irritation of the skin may occur. Contact your veterinarian if you notice anything unusual or if your pets skin condition worsens while using KetoChlor. 

Drug and Food Interactions: Tell your veterinarian about any medications (topical or oral) or supplements your pet is taking prior to bathing with KetoChlor in order to ensure it can be used safely. 

Precautions:Do not use KetoChlor in pets who are allergic to the active ingredients. 

Storage:Tighten the cap and store KetoChlor at room temperature away from children and pets. 
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