About us

We are pet people helping pet owners care for their loved ones without breaking the bank. Our products are internationally recognized as the best solution for pet healthcare, and we offer them at affordable prices delivered at minimal cost !

International in scope, we bring the best solutions from around the globe shipped direct to you. We have customers in Europe, North America and Asia, we shop the world to bring you the best product quality at the lowest possible price. Product quality is our major concern, we are talking about the much loved four-legged members of our family.

Our website provides you with a wealth of information about your pet’s health and well-being, try the Just like Children experience and we are sure you will be delighted!

Your comments and questions are always welcome, contact us at……………

Our Philosophy and Goal: To effortlessly help pet lovers minimize their carbon footprint, while saving money. No more unnecessary displacing of your vehicle, driving the same route for Pet Supplies. All that wasted energy, and CO2 exhausting. Have one of our delivery people accomplish the same, with a drive-by, in one of our eco-friendly transports. 
How Simple: Scroll our Web page for your desired product, and with the assistance of Product Comparison Window, patron Feedback, choose the most appropriate product for your pet. Once satisfied, place your order and we’ll be there in no time ringing your bell with your selection. Through all adverse weather, rain, snow or blistering heat, whatever weather, your selection will be there at no Extra Cost. We use the most Eco-friendly modus of delivery with traffic analysis and a 24/6 team; it enables an efficient CO2 output, at maximum efficiency. Let us remove the tedious tasks of pet ownership and increase the pleasurable ones. 
Who we are: We are a local Canadian company who make home deliveries of pet supplies to home, if we presently don’t serve  your area we will make the effort to ship the products of your choice at no cost. Do not hesitate to participate in referrals as once we receive enough members in your area we will have a driver there making the regular drops.
Our team consist of business people as well as IT people with a common interest of animals. We want to succeed at providing you the best service possible and will go out of our way to do so.  We use modern technology enabling us to lessen our CO2 output, working 24/6 eases our delivery, but what is most crucial is maintaining old school service.
Don’thesitate give us a try, you will never loose, go green, save money, and keep your pet satisfied; what else can you expect.
Our understanding and theory:  We believe that you want what is best for your pet, and are solely responsible to grant him this. 
How one judges what is best for their pet is by educating themselves through reading, breeders advice, and product feedback, etc. We have assembled all the information into our pet site   JUST LIKE CHILDREN.   We have learnt that the most important factor in determining a good food is product content, and nutritional value, so we aligned them side by side in one window for easy comparison. You will also have customer’s feedback to aid in your evaluation with manufacturers having direct blog contact, easing their access to your questions. No need for an influential Sales person, with a slanted opinion, edged by kickback, and store profits. 
View all information, in the luxury of your abode, un-influenced, and then place your order with ease, over our secured payment gateways. Before long, we will be ringing your door, with your selection. Your pet will be devouring his food with a newfound appetite and you will be waiting for that special Thanks from your pet!

Now you are truly part of our JUST LIKE CHILDREN community. 
How it works and how to order: Brows our site to find the best product suited for your needs. Once satisfied, sign up, and create an account, and have the product delivered to your door.  Help us monitor your pets needs and we will be there monthly providing your pet with his favorite food.  He, as you, will be happy, no more useless driving, and unwarranted searching for an open pet store.
Every delivery will be doubly notified, if you need to reschedule or cancel a delivery just let us know. You’re billed once the delivery is made.
Recurring Delivery: Our regulated monthly delivery, provides you with a continuous flow of food, the “BOTTOMLESS BOWL simile”.  You buy the same product over and over – the solution is we will deliver your chosen food monthly, accompanied by any treat, toy, etc to your door – with no delivery charges (most Metro). You will be doubly notified prior to delivery and if you are not in need – just reschedule or if need be cancel. We are a small company and we will go out of our way to keep you satisfied with our business.
Product Selection: Our goal is to provide you with as many products as possible, and if you don’t see your pet’s favorite products in our inventory don’t fret. Send us an email, and we will make all efforts to obtain this product, and post to our inventory, you will be notified once posted, and you can complete your purchase. 
How we Deliver: At JUST LIKE CHILDRENDelivery is FREE. 
Once you have created your account, and your 1st order is placed, we process your order for dispensing within 24hrs. One of our Rush delivery agents handles solely handles the last min, and new customers orders. He loads these daily while our regular agents distribute the regular customers as per their routine, and area. Your pet’s information is logged into our system and we monitor his eating habits, for the next month. Establishing a pattern, we will deliver the required amount to last approx 5 weeks(4 weeks plus security).  We then ritually have monthly deliveries with the required amount for 4 weeks. You can also order refills if ever in fear that the supply will not last until next delivery. The amendment will be updated to your account; bringing you the required amount early with compensation for his growth spurt.  
Accomplishments:Our system enables you to have your pet on regimented feeding. No more over feeding; having a slimmer healthier pet.  It’s so nice because once set up, you don’t have to remember to buy food again. Ever!